vinyl fascia got you down?

Eave and window details from the original drawings for our 1909, 2-story brick “square” reveal that exposed rafter tails have since been covered up with vinyl soffit and fascia.  Not a big fan of vinyl in general, but it doesn’t bother me terribly here.  It’s under the shadow of eave so the vinyl is not all that noticable.  It also saves me from having to paint the soffit and fascia, which is nice.

What bothers me is the elevation of the fascia.  When standing near the upstairs windows the fascia seems to cut off my view of the horizon, standing at a little over six feet high.

Restoring the eaves to the original exposed rafter tail detail would open up that view by a few inches.  Of course if we ever replace the roof the city will require gutters, and we’d have to close it up again.

Maybe we can convince the city to sign off on a gutter-less release waiver.  “I promise not to sue if it rains on my house…”  The house has survived 100 years without gutters and with no signs of damage we should be allowed to preserve that balance, right?



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