Tree House

Growing up, my sister and I would climb pine trees and establish tree forts where we’d stockpile pine cones and attack anyone who dared venture up our driveway. It was fun at times, but it turned out there wasn’t all that much traffic. Besides, being perched precariously on the rough bark branches with the sap balls oozing down your shorts meant that we didn’t last all that long up in the trees. We may be have been kids, but we were not uncivilized. What we needed, was a tree house.

It wasn’t till years later that I found a site for a tree house, by which point my sister had lost interest in climbing trees altogether. With the help of my neighbor we finally built a proper tree house. It was a simple L shaped structure that we nestled into a vine covered pergola. Ahh the memories…for a few summers there my neighbor and I would camp out in the tree house and then sneak out and roam the neighborhood through the warm summer nights. I’m sorry to say that very little good comes from adolescent boys after midnight.

Now that I have kids of my own I was thinking it’d be fun to build them a tree house, buuuut after recalling those memories I’m not so sure.

You know maybe we’ll keep it more of a “crow’s nest” type of tree house. No sleeping space, yeah, that’s what we’ll do, standing room only.

Check out Dezeen magazine’s recent archives of tree houses for an array of ideas.


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