“Eat the salty peanuts out the can”

It’s funny how sometimes you hear a song that seems familiar to you, but you can’t quite place it. Maybe you grew up hearing the song on the radio, but you never had the vinyl sleeve to study up on. Who sang it? When did it first come out? You’ve probably heard it a hundred times, yet you know nothing about it. Yes it’s an oldie, but it’s a goody.

“CIS-co KID,WAS a FRIEND of MINE.” (The upper and lower case letters are supposed to convey the rhythm of the song, but like my dancing, it probably doesn’t). Can’t go wrong with the funk, right? As much as I’ve enjoyed that song over the years, I knew surprisingly little about it. That is, until a few nights ago.

The band War came out with “Cisco Kid” in 1972, three years before I was born. I always assumed the Cisco Kid was a an outlaw, maybe like Billy the Kid? Something of a badass, as the song suggests. Turns out the character comes from an early twentieth century American movie, a cruel outlaw romanticized as a heroic Mexican caballero.

The point is, for as many times as I’ve heard that song, it took three friends, one radio, and two smart phones to actually listen to the song.

“HE drink WHISkey, PANcho’d DRINK the WINE”

Yeah I remember…

“They RODE sunset, HORSE was MADE of STEEL”

Ride baby, RIDE!

“EAT the SALty PEAnuts OUT the CAN”



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