To be a sports fan for any team is to ride the roller coaster of emotion as they kill, and then get killed. Watching the Broncos play football for the last three decades has been nothing short of manic. From “The Drive” that kicked off three Superbowl losses for Elway, to his redemption in winning back to back, praises and damnation have been aplenty.

One moniker that began as a disparaging remark, “The Denver Donkeys” (picture sports cartoon – horse toothed Elway with a tail), has actually becoming an endearing phrase…and even morphed into a lexicon.

On any given day they are the Broncos, and they are the Donkeys. Superbowl champions and barnyard orphans all rolled into one. This season especially, with foal Tebow reversing the teams fortunes midstream, embodies the full spectrum of redonkulousness that is the Broncos.

When I asked another orange and blue if he’d watched the crushing loss to the Patriots back in December, his response: “Yes I did, and, well, that was RE-donkulous.”

When the Broncos upset the Steelers in the first round of the playoffs, well that was more “FUCKing reDONKulous!”

When Jimmy Fallon covers David Bowie to mock Tim Tebow, well that’s just pure comedy.


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