Crazy Colorado Weather

Honestly, I wish I could get paid a full salary for being right half of the time. Last night the weather guessers told us that winds would push 100 miles an hour, that part they got right. The wind blew down a pair of forty year old Ponderosas onto Mom’s driveway. What the forecasters neglected to tell us was that some parts of town might get a foot of snow after the wind storm. So when I left my house this morning, where we had just a dusting of snow, I was a bit under-prepared to clear both the fallen trees and the remnants of a blizzard.

Up to an inch of snow? Are you sure?

I just kept digging, there had to be an egg sandwich in there somewhere...


One response to “Crazy Colorado Weather

  • karen page

    You know if I had been there I would have fixed you that sandwich as a BIG thank you for finishing the driveway. Thanks again “sweetie”.

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