Life Begins at 1340

Press play.

Just a few months ago I caught myself flipping through a paper, hand on forehead, scouring local music venues for upcoming bands I’d heard of.

“Who the hell are all these bands I’ve never heard of?” I wondered.

Four years into parenthood and my ipod had become a stagnant cesspool, a tireless rotation of familiar artists, devoid of new music. I was disconnected, out of touch.

Enter the Open Air at 1340 AM (or stereo online). I had completely lost hope that a radio station like this could ever exist, mixing eclectic gems from the past with new local music, and beyond.  It’s like being hit in the head with a huge musical bat. Except, of course, that when it hits, you feel no pain.

On this station you will not hear “world class pop” or commercials (listener supported, pony up!). So it’s best to go into the Open Air, with an open mind.

Paper Bird – St Louis

Chimney Choir – Ace of Spades

Lumineers – Ho Hey


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