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Funny how hard it is for me to look at the portfolio right now, having just handed it in. Maybe not as much the looking at part, but the reading  For six months I was developing these concepts, graphic and written narratives on different projects. Adjusting, editing, tweaking. I think I’m happy with the finished product, but the more I look at it the more I see ways I could have done better. Especially the writing. We all know what they say about hindsight, she’s a fickle bitch. No wait, that’s fate. Hindsight is 20/20. But that’s the same as my foresight, shouldn’t hindsight be better than  foresight?

Regardless, I probably underestimated the amount of writing needed to put together a portfolio like this. As far as sixteen page books go, there isn’t even all that much written content. But when you consider that such a small fraction of my writing is worth reading, that means it took a substantial amount of material and lots of editing to get the narrative boiled down to something concise and approachable.

Long story short, when creating a portfolio leave yourself plenty of time for the writing process to evolve. Architecture is as much about written communication as it is about graphic communication.