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Levitated Mass

This 360 ton granite boulder was picked from a mountain and ever so slowly carried to the LAMCA last week. Here’s a video of it arriving:

Michael Heizer won’t formally unveil his piece to the public for a couple more months, but it’s already generating a buzz in LA. Local residents questioned the traffic detours and cost to taxpayers, but it was all privately funded. A little private sector stimulus to lift the masses.

Levitated Mass will be on display in a public park where visitors, should they choose to do so, will be able to walk beneath the giant megalith.


Get Down with Sketchup

Drawing a Sketchup model of this park sculpture seemed like a good modeling exercise, but its proving to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

The layout is pretty straight forward. With three radius points located in space all that’s needed is the angle departure from the main axis to determine the start and end points of the sculpture. When I try to take it up into three dimensions, however, that’s when all the geometry gets muddy. There must be a way isolate the various segments of the structure so that when they’re pulled up into three dimensions they don’t distort other forms.

Back to the online tutorials…

“Common Ground”

Project number three of the portfolio focuses on measures taken during the pre construction/value engineering phase that led to the successful completion of this park sculpture.