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Un Poquito Mas, Por Favor!

If there’s a better way to spend a week in Mexico I’m certainly not interested in hearing about it.  We did it all, or at least tried to, and caught a lot of it on video.

10 couples with 9 kids in 2 houses in 1 quaint Mexican village.  2 inflatable paddle boards, 2 soft top surf boards, 1 boat ride, 2 whales, countless waves, reef fish and margaritas.



Threading the Needle

Laird Hamilton, lord of the paddle board!

Tim Tebow Takes it Down a Notch

Well, there you have it. Tim Tebow and the Broncos lost yesterday against the Patriots. They put up a good fight, another exciting game to watch, but by the forth quarter the Broncos needed more than a miracle to overcome the Patriots lead.

Apparently Jesus Christ was not kidding when he said he wasn’t available this past Sunday: